Volunteer Project

If you don’t have a regular charity or an organization you volunteer for…

let me suggest Disabled American Veterans. Not only does the organization help countless veterans through many hardships, get benefits they deserve, and connect them and their families to resources necessary to live, the DAV is also a unified voice for vets at the state and national level. The only qualifications you need to join is having a huge heart for those who fought for our country and being related to a veteran. In my family, they are not in short supply.

I have been involved with the DAV in some form for   3 1/2 years, and last summer, I became an auxiliary member. My main role over the past few years has involved running a hospitality room with my boyfriend at state and national conventions. We host luncheons, for donations only, to provide the veterans attending the convention with a free meal. Otherwise, they would have to go out to eat at every meal, and that can get costly.

During the conventions, there are committees formed for various agendas, meetings held to discuss necessary topics, and fellowship and memorial gatherings for people to catch up with old friends and make new ones. While I am considerably younger than most of the people in attendance, I enjoy listening to their stories from when they were younger. It amazes me that our older generation always finds the beauty in their times of war. At National, veterans swap state pins and bring ones from previous years to trade. It’s a great time!

If you have any questions involving the DAV organization, find a local chapter, or visit https://www.dav.org


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