Now that I am actively pursuing monetary gains from my blog, I must tell you, the readers, my position for the blog and inform my readers of the legal aspects of blogging. Please do not let this hinder you from reading my blog and finding personal value in my writings. I do enjoy knowing that someone in the world is at least looking through my content.

Readers must read and understand the following information:

1. Queenofallcrafts.com is a blog. The [BLOG]’s content deals with crafting, recipes, creative writing, inspirations, and more. It is for entertainment and informative purposes only.

2. This BLOG and its contents are based on the thoughts and opinions of the author [ME, MYSELF, I]and in no way reflect the opinions of any organizations with which I may be affiliated.

3. Any and all information on the BLOG is true and accurate to the best of the MY knowledge. However, there may be omissions, errors, and/or mistakes.

4. The content presented on this BLOG is for entertainment and/or informational purposes only and should not be considered professional advice of any kind. If the reader relies on any content on this BLOG as advice, then the reader is liable for any incurred risks.

5. I am only a woman, mom, daughter, spouse, volunteer, and teacher. I am not a professional medical, psychological, or legal advisor. Please keep this in mind when reading this BLOG.

6. I reserve the right to change the BLOG in anyway I see fit as a necessary part of managing or running a blog. I may change the appearance, content, strategies, etc. of the BLOG an any time I need.

7. My blog and pages contain affiliate links that may or may not benefit me monetarily by you, the visitor, clicking on the item, link, picture, or ad. DO NOT WORRY! You are not charged anything extra by clicking through the ad or purchasing products, just the cost of what you order. I simply make a small commission from the affiliate base on your clicks and purchases. Please support me and my blog by using my ads to purchase your online goods. Websites aren’t free!

I really and truly appreciate everyone who has supported me past, present, and future. I cannot do this without y’all and hope and pray this blog provides information and inspirations for everyone.

Need to write a disclaimer / disclosure page?

The best post I have read dealing with writing a disclaimer or disclosure statement comes from Raelyn Tan’s How to Write a Blog Disclaimer. I patterned this page based on the information presented in Raelyn’s post. Thank You so much for the information and inspiration!